My Story

Hi Virtueswimmers,

For my first blog post, I'm sharing a little bit about myself, and why I'm passionate about swimwear.

My dream has always been to own a swimwear store. I've spent years searching for flattering swimwear in New Zealand. What I found, was most bikini sets had bottoms that were really big, and I felt like I was trying on my grandma's undies. If I bought them online, they never seemed to fit well either – and sending the bikini back was always an arduous process. Ultimately, I found myself with a draw full of swimwear I never wanted to wear, and no idea where to go to find something that fitted better.

Fortunately, swimwear disasters are one less thing for me to worry about now, I chased my dreams and opened a store in the heart of Ponsonby. The store is stocked with the latest international brands of swimwear and beachwear. Each piece of swimwear in store, is handpicked from overseas brands that are exclusive to Virtue Swim, along with a couple of main stream brands. The numbers per size are therefore limited, which helps to keep styles moving through the store quickly. For you as the customer, this means that you have lots of variety to choose from and very few people will ever have your swimsuit.

If you have been in store or online, you will notice our swimwear bottoms are slightly smaller than your average swimwear bottom and there is a reason for this. The reason is, typically the eye darts to the amount of fabric, so in short, the bigger the fabric the bigger your bottom looks. Check out the bottoms on the left, they are your average size and then on the right, the customer is in a slightly smaller bottom. I'll let you be the judge, I'm sure you will agree the right looks better.

Our philosophy at Virtue Swim is to create an environment that makes shopping for Bikinis fun again. Our skilled and helpful staff will help you choose the right swimwear for your body shape, thus making you feel comfortable and confident by the water. You'll walk out feeling fabulous and beach ready


Rachel Virtue