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Post Spray Tanning tips

  • ​Do not touch your body while the spray tan is drying
  • For best results make sure to bring loose dark clothes to put on after your tan
  • Do not use any shampoos or soaps directly before a tan. These products can cause the tan not to develop or take correctly
  • Avoid activities that will make you sweat after your tan
  • After the developing period has passed, shower using warm water and pat yourself dry with a towel
  • With quick processing tans, do not apply any moisturisers for the first 12 hours to make sure DHA develops properly..
  • Once fully developed you can return to your normal showering schedule/ beauty regimes
  • Avoid chlorinated swimming pools, long baths and exposure to salt water and excessive exercise
  • Moisturize daily, day and night. 

Pre Spray Tanning tips

  • ​Wax or Shave 8 to 24 hours before tanning
  • Shower and exfoliate 8- 24 hours prior to spray tan to remove dead skin
  • Don't apply moisturizers, body butters or oils to the skin before your tan
  • Wear loose dark clothes and flip-flops for after your tan
  • Do not wear deodorant, lotions or perfumes before or after the spray tan

    Please understand that we won't take responsibility for your tanning results if you put tight clothing on after your spray tan. For example jeans, exercise tights etc.

    Here are images of the tans you can expect from Virtueswim:

    We also have Brownallyear which is NZ owned, organic, cruelty-free spray tan. It is suitable for all skin types. They supply us with two types one being the Express Tan which means you can shower after 1-2 hours and your tan will keep developing, perfect if you don't want to sleep in your tan or you want to go out that night and need to wash beforehand. The ​​Express Tan means you wash after 1-2 hours (depending on your skin tone) but takes 4-8 hours for your tan to fully develop so don't be disillusioned when you wash and your tan disappears because it will develop to its full potential.

    After you wash off your Express Tan you can moisturize and get ready to enjoy your evening! The other tan is the ​Organic Tan, perfect for weddings, balls or just need that sun-kissed look. Safe organic and totally natural colour that is suitable for all skin tones from Irish white to Island brown will leave you looking amazing and coming back for more. One light spray for a sun-kissed look or a bit more for the experienced tanner. This tan is 8 hours to develop.

    NOTE: Brownallyear is NZ made and manufactured with the least amount of ingredients so you don't smell or look orange. They use certified organic ingredients and can be used on pregnant or lactating women. It is advised to always follow your doctor's directions and if you have any questions please contact us.

    Spray Tan (appointment approx. 15 minutes)
    Tan 5 Pack (Pay for 4 and get one free)


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