Face&Body Indian Red Rose

Face&Body Indian Red Rose

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Uplift your skin and senses with our unique Structured Indian Rose Face & Body Mist. Heavenly scented with pure red rose petals.

  • Rich in oxygen and negatively charged ions its healing and rejuvenating qualities are simply remarkable.
  • Quickly helps to fade away pigmentation, sun damage and fine lines.
  • Firms and tones tired skin.
  • Treat acne and eczema naturally whilst keeping the skin quenched and hydrated.
  • Cooling and refreshing, it can even aid in the quick relief of headaches, insect bites, burns, grazes and inflammation.
  • Excellent breath freshener and great to spray in the mouth to help relieve a sore throat.
  • Safe for all skin types, and children.

Ingredients: Pure distilled water over Indian Red Rose Petals.